October favourites

Can we all just take a minute for the fact that we are now 1 month closer to Christmas! Other than the fact we're now in November and 2019 is creeping up on us, I feel like this month has gone really slow and it's been ages since I last wrote a favourites post. This month I got a job, and have been focusing on that but I've also been really ill so I haven't tried many things this month. I started my Christmas shopping and have spent most of the month in bundle of layers because it's been so cold in the UK. 

I've not had the chance to try out any new products this month, so there are only 3 products, however
next month is the last official monthly favourites before the 2018 yearly favourites! 

For the past 7 months I've been using the Sunday Riley Luna night oil. Over the past month I've 
noticed my acne getting a lot more red and noticeable. I thought it was just my skin acting up since
 I hadn't changed any products. I ran out of the Luna night oil, and started using the NSPA nourishing 
facial oil again and have noticed such a big change in my skin since. The oil is super smooth and 
nourishing but it's also significantly reduced the redness surrounding my acne. 

Concealers are something I always use and have many of, but never seem to change up. I always 
use the Collection lasting perfection concealer but I make sure to use another concealer underneath
 in order to reduce creasing. This month I've found myself gravitating towards the Revolution fast 
base concealer. This is smooth, brightening and covers up my dark circles. This is easy to apply 
because it has a sponge applicator but I mainly love that there are 16 shades in the range.

Since my skin has been breaking out more than usual, I have been loving face masks a lot more 
than I normally do. I've been reaching for the Loreal pure clay blemish rescue face mask. This 
aims to unclog blackheads, clear imperfections and leave the skin feeling pure. Not only do I love 
that this actually works and does what it claims to, but also the fact that it's bright blue and I look 
like Raven from That's so Raven when she turns blue!! 


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