Updated makeup collection - 2018

This is not my photo

Makeup is something that I've been collecting since I started high school 8 years ago. It's 
something that I love to experiment with and collect. Makeup to me is not only a way to perfect 
and cover any inperfections or to change the way I look, but it's how I express myself through different looks and colours. I have done 4 previous makeup collections and love that this has since become a yearly tradition. I am fully aware that I have way more makeup than an 18 year old 
should probably have but it's what I like to collect and spend my own money on.

Check out my previous makeup collection posts here:

Primer - Foundation - Concealer - Setting spray

Powder - Blush - Bronzer

Highlighter - Liquid illuminator

Eyebrow - Mascara - Eyeliner - Tools

Eye primer - Eyeshadow - Small eye palettes - Cream shadows - Glitter

Lip balm - Lip liner - Lipstick - Liquid lipstick - Lip gloss

Face palette - Eye palette

Nail polish - Extra makeup brushes

Hair products - Hair tools 


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