Things nobody tells you about being in a relationship

Being in a relationship is nothing like it is in the movies, I repeat NOTHING. You don't 
get in a relationship and you stay in the honeymoon period for ever and it certainly isn't like 
a Nicholas Sparks movie. You wont look in each others eyes for the first time and know that 
they are the one, most likely you'll burp and pass wind in front of each and then know that 
they are the one. I wanted to do this blog post and share things that nobody tells you about
being in a relationship, because they can be harder than you think.

Being in a relationship is great, being in love is great. But don't expect it all to be kisses
and surprise flowers. Most likely you wont get surprises or random gifts that often. Not because
the other person doesn't love you, just simply because your company is enough for them.

You will fight and argue. Whether that be the odd bicker and disagreement on something
or a full blown argument. It will happen at some point. And that is perfectly normal. In fact 
it is healthy to argue, you're not meant to agree on everything. Having your own opinion and 
thoughts is one of the most important things. Stay true to yourself.

Most likely you will want to spend a bit or a lot of time on your own. Being in a relationship 
is very daunting as you spend a lot of time with another person. So you will want to spend time
on your own. If you are living together or in the same environment as one another, 5 minutes
to yourself can be all you need. Whether that be a nice bubble bath, walk around the block
or sitting downstairs watching your favourite tv show. 

I absolutely love being in a relationship with Liam. I genuinely couldn't imagine my 
life any other way, as cheesy as that sounds. I love spending my time with him and 
everything he does for me, but it is not like it is in the movies. But that's what makes it
perfect. It's our relationship, nobody else's ... just ours and that's what I love about it.


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