Travel Bag Essentials

Going on holiday is a great time for relaxing and doing absolutely nothing. At the same time it can 
be quite stressful, especially if you are going on your own or you are the one organising it, which 
was me this year! Packing a suitcase is pretty self explanatory ... I think? but what do you pack in your carry on, that you are actually going to need and use. I have done a what's in my carry on bag previously which you can check out here, but as I'm nosy I decided it would be time to update.

If you are travelling alone or not with your parents, whom usually take care of the information, 
then it is key to print off all the information that you will need such as; boarding passes, transfers, hotel information and travel insurance. After coming back from holiday I realised that I printed 
of more than I probably needed, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Along with travel information, I like to keep my passport in a separate organiser. I have one from Asos which I got a few years ago, which also has 4 compartment including receipts. Going abroad can be a nightmare when it comes to spending money, and the thought of putting my money in my suitcase and possibly loosing it, makes me very anxious so I keep it in a cheap purse (that I don't mind loosing or wrecking) and make sure it stays in my hand luggage with me at all times.

No matter what country you go to, the temperature on the plane is very up and down. I usually find 
it to be quite cold, especially when coming back home to England, so an essential for me is a thick cosy jumper and a pair of socks.

Something that I hate in bags is when everything gets cluttered together, so I like to keep any miscellaneous items such as; chargers, plugs and sunglasses in a clear makeup bag. If I was to recommend one thing that to buy when going on holiday, other than packing cubes, is clear makeup bags for organising both your carry on bag and your suitcase.

It's not very often, or ever, that you will get a flight that is comfortable and the time just flies by. 
To keep myself occupied I make sure to have headphones so I can listen to music and watch films on my phone to pass the time, and to carry a book or multiple books with me.


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