New Natural Collection Releases

Natural Collection is one of those brands that I think either people love it or hate it. Personally I love it, as all of their products are less that £2, they often have 3 for £5 deals on all of their products as well as being really good quality for the price. I was contacted by a member for PR team from Boots, where she asked if she could send me the new releases from Natural Collection. I am very happy and thankful that I have been sent these, especially knowing that cream stick highlighters were included and I already loved the brand. 

Before receiving this PR package I had already seen that Natural Collection had released both brow
products and some highlighters. I was mainly excited about the highlighters as I haven't tried any
cream highlighters and was intreaged to know what the cheapest brand in the drugstore would produce.

These are available in 3 shades, which can not only be used as highlighters but also blush and bronzer too. Copper Glow is a bronze shimmer that will be a beautiful highlight shade for people with more of a  darker complexion, or used a bronzer for a more sunkissed look. Coral Glow is a mid toned pink with an orange undertone to it that will look gorgeous when used as a blush on its own or underneath to add some extra shimmer to your cheeks. Rose Glow is definitely the most standard highlighter shade out of them all as it a blossom pink shade which is great when used on the top of the cheek bones.

Along with the highlighters that they released were a series of brow products. This includes brow 
pencils, tinted brow gels and a brow kit. The brow pencils are available in 2 shades which are medium and dark brown. I don't think these are the best brow pencils available as they are quite hard to use and not soft enough to get a good brow without it being too harsh. However it does have a eyebrow brush on the end which can be hard to find. Out of all of the brow products I was mainly excited for the brow gels, as they seem very similar to the Benefit gimme brow. These are also available in medium brown and dark brown. These have great pigmentation and give extra definition to the brow.  The final brow product is their brow kit which is available in medium brown. This comes with a wax, powder, a mini eyebrow combing brush and a mini eyebrow brush. The wax is really pigmented and adds great definition however the powder is really chalky and powdery, which I personally don't like. 


This post contains gifted items. See disclaimer page for more information.


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