Valentines Day Lookbook

Doing fashion posts is something I've always been quite self-conscious of. I love fashion however
 doing blog posts about fashion I've never been comfortable with. This is because I am not 100% happy
 with my style is. Because of this I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and start to do more posts.
 To ease myself into it I wanted to do a Valentines Day lookbook with a morning, afternoon and
 evening look so there is something for everyone.

For my morning look I wanted to keep it casual so I went with a pair
of black skinny jeans and a light pink blouse. I tucked the blouse in as it
was quite over sized, which also makes the look more casual. I also paired this 
with some black snake skin skater shoes to make this quite casual.

My afternoon look is more dressy than the morning look but isn't
as glamorous as my evening look. I decided to wear some
black and white floral cropped cigarette trousers with a basic long
sleeve white scoop neck top. To make this a little bit more glamorous
I wore some white naked heels with a ankle strap. I decided
not to pair this with any jewelry because I feel like the floral trousers
are a statement on it's own, but I did pair it with a simple white clutch.

If it was up to me I would wear a red dress but unfortunately I 
don't own one. I decided to wear a navy blue bodycon dress with
a white and navy striped neck and 3/4 length sleeves. I also paired this 
with the same white naked heels with the ankle strap that I wore
with the afternoon look. For accessories I kept it simple and just had
a white clutch bag to tie in the shoes with the accent stripes on the dress.



  1. I love all of these outfits!!! Also, I'm so jealous of your hair, I want it :( X

    1. Thank you. It was an absolute nightmare in the wind! xx