Mini Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is very close and although Christmas is my favourite time of the year it can be 
quite stressful to figure out the right presents to buy for people, to have the right amount 
of money and make sure you have it all in time. I wanted to do a small mini gift
 guide for people who don't know what to buy and don't have a lot of money. 

I wanted to do a wicker basket for the main people in my family and do different things for each of them. My mom is baking themed, my nans is all bath products, my step-dads is essential products and my aunts and uncles are a night in themed. I liked the idea of doing this because you can completely customize them for the person whom the present is for. I purchased the baskets from a seller on eBay which you can purchase here and the thing inside I got from a variety of different shops.

I love to get little things for my mom, step-dad and nan as I think they're super cute and meaningful. This year one of the things I purchased was a little bag of happiness from a seller from which you can get here. These are really cute and they do a variety of these for different thing, whilst being super affordable at only £5.

Quite often I will go onto and look at their prints and copy that idea and make them myself, by going onto word, printing them onto card and purchasing the frame myself. I've done 3 of these this year but only 2 designs. I took a few verses from my Uncle and Aunties first song from their wedding along with a background of their theme colour from the wedding and put into a frame. For my mom and nan I did a 5 things I love about you as this was a print I saw. These are great for people on a budget as they don't cost anything to make and are only around £4 for a frame. If I were to buy these they would be around £20 each.

This item in this gift guide is the most expensive at £38.This is a 3 in 1 cake pop, cupcake and donut maker from This is a great gift to get for a lot of people, even if they aren't the biggest fan of baking as it takes only minutes to make each item and is super compact for everything it can do. I got this for my mom as she loves baking and trying new things to make and try. To go along with this I also included some cake pop decorating items in her wicker basket.

The last gift is great to get for anyone who loves chocolate as around Christmas the shops are full of them and they are so many for each different person. This is a super simple gift that everyone loves to get as most people love chocolate and to snack on or have on a night in.


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