Top 3 Blushers

I did a post about a month ago on my top 3 bronzers, and I thought that as I did that I 
would also do a post on my top 3 blushers.

Sleek blush by 3 in pink lemonade - I guess you could could say that this is cheating because this has 3 blushers all together, but I am counting this as 1 blusher because you buy it as 1 set. This includes a light pink shade called icing sugar, a bright pink shade called macaroon and a darker pink shade called pink mint. These have a range of colours that are great for spring summer time but is also a great set to wear when transition into the autumn time.

MUA blush in english rose - This is my all time favourite blush and is definitely the most worn out of all of my blushes. I have repurchased this 3 times now as it is super affordable and the perfect combination of colours. This has a mix of light champagne tones, to hot pink shades including a purple shade which works as a highlight. When these shades are all mixed together they creates the perfect natural blush effect.

Natural Collection blush in peach melba - This is a medium to dark toned peach blush that looks great when worn in the autumn time for a darker toned makeup look. Although this is a a darker peach blush it doesn't look to dramatic or overwhelming and is great to wear during the day with a golden eye shadow look.


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