Products Not Worth The Hype

There are a lot of products that I buy and a lot of them are because I've heard people
talk highly about them. It is rare that I purchase a product in which either doesn't work for
me or I don't like, however I thought I would share some of them and give you 
my opinion to see if they will work better for you.

Maybelline dream flawless nude foundation - This is item was being talked about quite a lot a few months ago when youtubers were doing a first impressions and reviews of it. All of the videos I saw were saying how great and flawless the foundation was, so I decided to go out and purchase it for myself. I do really like this foundation but for some reason it doesn't work on my skin and separates around my jawline. Despite this foundation not working on my skin I do think that it is a great foundation with a flawless finish, however it is not worth the hype in my opinion.

Becca pressed skin perfector in moonstone - These pressed skin perfectors from Becca cosmetics are highly talked about in the beauty community. I decided to purchase one in the shade moonstone, as I thought it would be the best fit for my skin tone. However the colour pay off and pigment intensity is not what I was expecting. I find that this is quite sheer and not as intense as I have seen in videos and pictures. Despite that the texture is great and is a perfect highlight fora no makeup makeup look as it isn't very intense. I am interested in trying some other colours to see if they have better intensity.

Max Factor glamour extensions mascara - I decided to purchase this mascara after seeing a lot of beauty bloggers and vloggers talk about this on instagram posting comparisons of before and after using the mascara. Seeing the amazing differences I decided to try it for myself. This has a plastic wand which I don't usually try, but despite that the mascara was thick and clumpy when it was on my lashes. I have tried this several times and unfortunately I get the same results each time. If you like your lashes to look thick and quite spidery then this would be great for you, if not then this is definitely not worth the hype.

Loreal brow artist plumper - I purchased this after hearing about it from Shaaanxo's videos, as she loves this and uses it in a lot of her makeup tutorials. I got mine in light/medium because it looked like the perfect colour to match my eyebrows and blonde hair, however it is very orange toned and wont suit anyone with a light hair or a fair complexion. Even if the colour suited me it is very noticeable on the eyebrows and cakes up and clumps together. If you have darker eyebrows that don't have sparse areas then this will work for you if not then this is not worth the hype.

Anastasia dipbrow pomade in blonde - I think every youtuber and blogger talk about this product. I have used this several times now and I find it to be way to harsh and unnatural. This gives a very distinct, bold eyebrow that is very fake looking. When I watched videos of people using this it does look bold but it looks more natural. I have used the same techniques and brushes that they have used and it doesn't look like that on my brows. If you like harsh looking brows that are very bold I would recommend using this, however if you like a natural brow then this is not for you.


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