What's in my Beauty Bag

For some reason I don't carry a makeup bag like most people do around with them. My makeup doesn't really come off or fade throughout the day to where I have to touch up. Because of this I carry a beauty bag which holds the necessities that I need or use which do also contain a few makeup items. 

Perfume, hairbrush and sanitary towels/tampons are definitely necessary. You don't want to be out and about and realize that your perfume has worn off, your hair is all tangled in the wind or you are out without a feminine product just as mother nature decides to pay a visit. I think when you buy a certain products from 'always' they include a tin in which you can keep your sanitary towels in and private.

The powder, lipbalm and mascara are a few of the only makeup products I carry around. The powder is just in case I start to look shiny although I do have dry skin, or to set my concealer. I carry lipbalm for obvious reasons, plus I get ridiculously dry and chapped lips. To be honest I have no idea why I carry a mascara as I never reapply my mascara or go without it on to where I need to put it on. Carrying around a nail file has been one of the best things to keep with me as I have false nails and also my nails break really easily.

Head-calm and paracetamol (in the film case) are also necessities as I often feel sick or get headaches, plus they're just handy to carry around. I got this mini sewing kit in a christmas cracker a few years ago and I just like carrying it around in case of emergencies. I use the brush to apply my powder and concealer in case I get a spot or something that I wish to cover.

For some reason I also have another perfume which is a mini size of the perfume I wear on a daily basis, that I like to carry around to reapply. I carry a toothbrush because I have braces but for some reason I don't have any toothpaste. I oddly have a brow gel which is really disgusting, but my brows tend to get unruly throughout the day so I use that just to put them back in place. I don't think you can not have a hair bobble or hair grips in your beauty bag or with you at all times, especially if you have long hair because you quite often just need it out of your face as it gets really annoying.


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